100 Word Challenge, Week 8, word prompt.

It was my favorite time of the year, Halloween! The best part of this special day was the annual Halloween festival which always took place no matter what the weather forecast was like. It was full of parents and their children exploring all of the fun events. They had talented young men doing magic tricks with a glowing flame, people taking risks diving of high boards to land in the perfect swimming hole. I forgot to mention the amazing costumes people wore, especially the clown with the very white face. But then when tomorrow comes, the long waiting period starts.

100 Word challenge, Week #7, As the door slammed, I knew somebody was here…

It was another night I was spending home alone, my parents were out for their 20th anniversary. These were the nights I dreaded most, I was terrified of most things, at school I always got called a big scaredy cat. Then suddenly the power went off, the shadows of the rustling trees looked like bodies reaching out to grab me. I lit a candle to bring some light into the room. The flame slowly faded away. As the door slammed, I knew somebody was here. I locked all the windows and doors until I knew I was safe to sleep.


100 Word Challenge, Week 6, picture prompt.

Last month, young woman Anne Parker went missing in the north coat woods, it was an absolute tragedy to all her friends, family and fellow workmates. Recently, investigators found her body buried beneath the lake, drowned, north of where the woods locate.

Anne’s mother told us it was a relief to know where she was now, but just awful that nobody knows whether she did it to herself or somebody took her. She was just recently engaged with her so called ´love of her life´ who is now going through surgery. Rest in peace Anne, you will be very missed. 1980 – 2017.

100 Word Challenge, week #3

Wandering through the swamp on the jet boat it felt like something was watching me, something big. The twisted professor who was directing the tour for us had warned us of the extremely dangerous crocodiles which are lurking in these very waters. It was very difficult for me to control my fear of these terrifying creatures. I had been afraid of them since I was five and wearing those purple tights and bows. After the last couple of hours had been and gone, we got back to land, I hope I will never experience that ever again when I’m older!



100 Word Challenge, Week #2, picture prompt

I had never seen a ghost. But like they say, there is always a first time for everything. The bucket that stood before me suddenly knocked over, there wasn’t a gust of wind in sight. This couldn’t have been coincidental. Thousands of beads gushed out in a flash. A cloudy mist slowly came past me, though it felt like it was going through me, just as a ghost would. Fear slowly started to creep up my spine, this was getting creepy. I left the woods where I had been for the past hour. I was confused, utterly and horribly confused.

100 Word Challenge, Wk #1, what lies ahead

The lights flickered and then went off, it was coming, we knew it wouldn’t be the last time. What lies ahead could change our lives forever. Footsteps hit heavily against the irregular pavement outside. Through the small light of the gleaming candle, there was a shadow, the same shadow that took my father years ago. I was afraid, more than afraid, terrified! But I kept it to myself, it could sense fear. It started to get closer and closer, I was completely and utterly frozen, so frozen I couldn’t call for help. It reached out, slowly, I was a goner.


100 Word Challenge, Week #47 (picture prompt)

Everything stopped, people stood like statues all around me, people in cars, men on bicycles, babies in prams all lifeless, frozen in time. I felt like the world surrounding me had changed forever, like I was trapped inside a glass box until my time had gone. I found the courage deep inside me to walk towards the footprints, the footprints that lay in front of me. I reached my destination, the fear inside me felt like a balloon, just waiting to burst. The footprints were immense. I got pulled away from the horrifying sight. What had happened to the world.

100 Word Challenge, As it came rushing towards us we…

The sight of pure black darkness was above us, any sign of light had faded away. The moon shone upon the rough and irregular surface, revealing an undefined shadow. It began to grow a relatively great size. As it came rushing towards us we fled with all our possible might, as if our lives were at stake. Lights were flickering from within the area surrounding us. Sparks began to fly about. Next, became a large a sound, it was especially unpleasant. It was coming from the sky above. The absence of light disappeared. A rescue helicopter had come for us.

100 Word challenge

We were driving in the scorching car, we only had an hour or so to go on our exciting road trip. We were passing the shore line, there were a million rare sea lions ahead. Legend has it that this special species of sea lions could pick up the English language. As we drove past I hit the sea lion with my biggest joke yet, it burst with laughter. Well that just absolutely made my day! On with the beautiful road trip I guess! Years later, we drove past the same old shore line, I remembered that beautiful sea lion.

100 Word Challenge,

I was put on a mysterious case at the museum, people have been paralyzed from experiencing what’s heard to be moving paintings, violin noises etc. As I entered the museum I saw a watered cushion, I immediately knew something wasn’t right here. As I got deeper into the prohibited area, I saw scarlet red blood dripping down a wall, as I touched it to examine it a sort of annoying singing voice started to play. That’s when I called for backup, I knew I couldn’t handle it on my own. We caught the culprit, he was arrested for his crimes.

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