100 word challenge, Week #25

My parents had signed me up for this running club and today was the first race of the season. I loved running races but I always came last anyway. I convinced myself I was on a mission, a mission to figure out why I always came last. I was at the starting line, the race had started. I had a great start but obviously not that great since everybody else was ahead of me. I crossed the finish line, last again. I figured out that everybody who I competed against were all professional runners! So that’s why I’m always last!

100 word challenge, Week #24

I was at the park when I came across the weirdest thing I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was this tree,it was gorgeous, but the thing that shocked me the most was, well, it was like there was an underground giant and it had figured a way to get onto land, its hand was sticking out of the ground. Suddenly a police car pulled up. “Back away everybody” the policeman said, more cars pulled up. I had to leave. Later that night when I was in bed I thought, was there really such thing as underground giants?

100 word challenge. Week #23

I woke up to a loud scratching noise, it was coming from my window! I opened the curtains carefully. There was a gingerly yellow cat! Where had it come from? I’d never seen a cat that had looked like that before! It’s like I had discovered a new species! It was quite remarkable to be honest. I opened the window as I tried to call it in, it hissed at me. It’s probably a stray. I grabbed my phone and called animal control. Two minutes later they came and carefully took the cat away. What an interesting discovery, I thought.

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