100 word challenge, when all of a sudden…

I was taking a stroll in the local forest with my dog when all of a sudden the horrible weather hit, I saw a flash of lighting, a raging sound of thunder. My dog started barking as if our lives were at stake. Since I didn’t know my way back I tried to turn on my phone, it was dead. We were lost. Then I realised my dog had escaped the leash. I panicked. I made my way to a small house, I saw the strangest thing, my mother and my dog, the mother who had left us years ago.


100 word challenge

It was a beautiful Saturday morning at the nearest beach, I had been waiting for the good weather to come. I was all set for a dip in the gleaming ocean but suddenly the weather changed dramatically. The lifeguard blew his whistle and yelled ” Everybody out, there’s a storm brewing!” I sprinted the car along with my family of four. We drove towards our poor, wet and dripping house. I stared out the blurry window, looking back at the deserted beach. It was my one and only chance to have the perfect day and it got ruined – maybe next year

100 WC

I was reading the newspaper a newspaper from the early 1960’s, My grandmother had left it for us to learn about the times when she was our age. Suddenly this article drew attention to my eyes; the headline read: Chocolate egg filled with strange substance was discovered. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I became very intrigued about what else could have happened in those times. I also wondered why nobody else living today talks or looks further into it. Later that day, I gave my grandmother a phone call. She said she knew not even the smallest details about it.

100 Word Challenge, Week #34

It was my first day on the job, not just your ordinary job, I was on window duty. In our family of five only the most supreme child would get the honor of this duty. Anyone who walked or drove past our house was drawn to the sight of the gleaming windows all thanks to my older sister Olivia. Olivia had set the bar high, I would have to live up to her level of great cleaning. I turned on the hose, the water just kept gushing out, I turned off the hose, awful, just plain awful, I was done.

100 word challenge, Week #32 (to be edited)

It was a Sunday, my family and I were at the annual food fair. We were looking for the best burger place possible. After a hard search our eyes were drawn to the most delicious looking burger stall I had ever seen. I ran into the long line of people waiting to get their hands on what was known as the colossal burger. After a long wait I got to try this burger, my mouth was watering. It was the best thing my tongue had ever touched! I had made up my mind, I would be coming back next year!

100 word challenge, Week #31

The fear within me burst into a bubble. I floated away in my thoughts and lost contact with the world around me. We were travelling through the swamp, word has it there are crocodiles lurking around. I collapsed in my mind at the thought of the sharp teeth against me. I had begged my family to not come on this trip, I got outvoted. I envisioned a beautiful beach, the gleaming reflection of the orange sun, shining across the crashing waves of the sea. But here I was, stuck in a swamp with man-eating crocodiles. I heard a sound, crocodiles…

100 word challenge, Week #29, Prompt …the slime dripped through…

It had been raining last night, we were walking to the swamp. It was quite a short walk which was good as I wasn’t a very keen walker. After a couple of minutes we had arrived. Suddenly my younger sister tripped up on an old tree stump and knocked me over into the gooey texture of the swamp. I was furious! As I stood up the slime dripped through my fingers. Luckily my mother came prepared and brought a towel, she had a feeling we would be in a messy situation! I got cleaned up and we walked back home…

100 Word Challenge, Week #28

It was a beautiful morning, my family and I were taking a trip to the museum. As we entered we could see a lot of police cars. Once we entered the museum, we saw all the policemen standing in a formation, pointing their guns at the most mysterious sight I had ever seen. It was like some ghosts had been walking through the walls of the museum. I remembered reading about the legend of the ghosts who roam the halls of the museum, I had never believed it though. Could it be true? Was there really such thing as ghosts…

100 word challenge, Week #26

We were travelling through the dusty grounds of Africa, hoping to come across the beautiful brown African forest elephant. I had wanted to see this wonder my whole life. I had bought a camera specially for this event, it was hanging around my neck. We had been travelling for about three hours, it was getting darker by the minute. I was getting worried we wouldn’t get the perfect picture. Suddenly there was a hard thump. A creature emerged from the bushes, a beautiful elegant creature. It was the African forest elephant! This was my chance, I pressed the button. Click…

100 word challenge, Week #26 By Lauren and Millie

I was at the zoo and we were going to see the worlds smallest elephant. On the way we found a really tall giraffe and also we found a butterfly cage. Finally we got to the elephant and we fed them bread and cookies. For an animal that is so big how could it be so tiny. The elephants were swimming and spraying water at us. We got soaking wet! We took lots of pictures of them with our new camera. They ran straight towards us but they couldn’t get us because they were in a big cage. The end.

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